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About The Dragon

Well, what to say about me…. Hm, I love my two kids, my dog and a lot of other things, like cooking, knitting, reading good books and music (especially Linkin’ Park and my all time favourites: The Sisters of Mercy!)


Favourite Authors:

Robert Jordan- Wheel of Time Series

Kelley Armstrong– Women of the Other World, Exit Strategy

Terry Pratchett– Disc World (especially Rincewind’s adventures!)

Marion Zimmer-Bradley– Darkover, Mists of Avalon

Gabriel García Marquez– 100 Jahre Einsamkeit

Jurek Becker– Jakob, der Luegner


*** and many, many more ***


Favourite Music:

The Sisters of Mercy

Linkin’ Park

Type ‘o’ Negative


Phil Collins

Jason Mraz


Simple Minds



*** and many, many more ***


I like writing poetry (but somehow I have neglected it over the last few years), writing fan stories in different Star Wars universes- some in English, some in German. Yes, I am addicted to George Lucas’ Saga for about 20 years now, and I must admit I was really proud when one of my son’s first words was “Star Wars” and “Yoda” 😛


I am interested in Mother Nature and spiritualism- but I’m not a Wicca. I am interested in history, Celts, Germans, American Indians and mythology, but don’t get any wrong ideas now!


Best way to get to know me, is to go ahead and ask me 🙂 

I am just like a box of chocolate: You’ll never know what you’re gonna get 😉




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  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. thank you for visiting and commenting – I’m glad you enjoyed the picture


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