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The modern Knitter

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Who says we don’t like computer games? ^^


1 rechts, 1 links, 2 fallen lassen ;)


Funny / Freaky Friday

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MY couch!

THIS is my couch!


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Yes, the sweater is progressing only slowly… Well, I finished front and back of it and one sleeve is almost done, but I really thought I would get it done more quickly… But hey, since when do things go the way you think they’ll go? Sometimes I wonder who wrote the script to my life…

Hopefully I’ll get the sweater done within the next few weeks. And then I am starting a cardigan for KittyKat, a lace cardigan…

… knitting, knitting, knitting….

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I’m geting closer to the end, ahem, edge, of my mother- in- law’s  shawl and I am starting to get excited about the following projects. I am thinking of doing a nother shawl for a ravelry group (aao5si2010= An Attempt of 5 Shawls in 2010), which my best friend and I have just founded. And off course I am still knitting on my version of a Weasly Sweater for Jules and of my first pair of socks and wristwamers. So many projects- so little time (although I am not working right now, due to my left Hallux Valgus 😦 ).

Maybe I should create a poll and let my readers decide? 🙂

Knit On…

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Yes, I am back again and maybe I am getting more regular again 😉

I am still knitting my “Weasley- Sweater” for J. But I have finally finished KittyKat’s Jumper- she looks gorgeous in it, besides she seems to llok gorgeous in almost anything I put on her to wear… I guess it’s my loving Mother’s eye 😛

Maybe I am able to shoot some photos of KittyKat in her new sweater- but hey, we are going to a professional photographer on saturday. I hope Jules is going to be allright again then. He’s suffering from the good old fashioned influenca (not the new- modern pig-flue-thing!), but his fever is down already and so I am hoping he’ll be fine on saturday!

If you’re interested in some of my political views or philosophical thinkings, take a look into my other blog- A Piece of my mind!

I made it!

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Some things I accomplished the last few days *hrhr*:

1. I spent an evening with my best friend out to watch a movie- well that idea went maso menos 😀

2. I finished Tulips on Open Leaves, the sewing in part ^^

3. I started unsewing and unraveling the Casack, which I made with a bought pattern! (I guess that was the point when I decided to design such things myself!)

4. I started a joined venture with my best friend, we started to write a novel together, let’s see how it will go. At the moment I have some ideas which I have to wring out oy my brain 😉

5. I wrote 2 short stories for competitions on the internet, I am so excited to see how they will fare 😉

Okay, I am going to get a review on terminator done and maybe even the Casack unraveled AND I am waiting for Mig to arrive for a ladies night at home 😉

Bright Blessings and all the best wishes for all of you,


Love- Thing

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I came across my bestfriends entry yesterday and I guess she has some good points there:


How comes that one either suffers from being left behind or make another person suffer from leaving him or her behind? Either way, somehow it seems quite seldom that one finds the one, lasting love to share a complete life with. A love which makes life complete…

One way or the other, one gets hurt. So why do we do almost anything to get love? Is it the wish for reproduction? Is it selfpreservation? Is it to avoid feeling low and alone in a big world in an even bigger universe? Is this love maybe even the drive for the belief in entities such as Gods?

Why is love that important? I know we need it for living, not merely surviving, but living! Experiments on rats showed that quite often enough and even back in WW2 when babies had lost their parents, if they got attended to in a loving fashion they got stronger and healthier than those who even had more food then the others….

Love is a funny thing…. It makes you strong but weak just the same…