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Knitting and crochetting experiences

Baby Heirloom Blanket

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A few weeks ago I finished a baby blanket for J’s pre- elementary school teacher who got her first baby recently and I took the pattern from Lionbrand.

Here is a pic taken at half time:


Right now I am knitting lace socks for myself and looking for the right pattern for a shawl for KittyKat’s kindergartenteacher- you see, loads of work and far too less time 😉





A new cardigan- for ME ;)

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Yes, currently I am knitting a cardigan for me, but I am stuck with the first sleeve right now- due to timetable troubles 😦

Since I am constantly losing weight for the last few months (hooray!) I fear I will be shrunk out of it when I have finally finished it. But nevertheless here is the link where I found it- and besides- my sis’ got her own cardigan already finished *envy*.


Well- I looked for about 20 minutes, but seem not be able to find a working link 😦 as soon as I find it, I will post it, I promise!



Time and knitting movesw on

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Well, it seems I gave up on knitting, but it only SEEMS so 😉 I know I was a bit lazy on keeping up with blogging- due to some stress and chaos at work, but today I have the time to give a short update:


After I finished J’s sweater I started a shawl (Snowflakes and blossoms) inspired by the Snowflakes and frostflowers’ shawl in “Shawls on the go” by Vogue Knitting. And after that I made a “Bumblebee” scarf for J, my first pair of socks for my mom and a lacy pair of socks for KittyKat  and a lovely vest from for KittyKat.


Right now I am knitting a “Bumblebee” hat for Jules and I am considering doing a lacy cardigan for myself for a change. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull this project through. Would be the first item for myself in about 3 years 😉

I promise I’ll try to keep you updated more often from now on 😀




Weasly Sweater

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Finally I made it!!!! HOORAY! It only took me a year and countless unravel sessions 😀 to complete it, but what younts is that I finally finished it!

Pics will follow…

Weasly Sweater Inspired Jumper 3rd Try

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As the title indicates I started my Weasly Sweater for Jules for the 3rd time and hopefully this time it will work out. Here are the first 2 pics of it:

Wrist Warmers inspired by Crystal Lake

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I just finished the shawl for my mother in law and since I had a lot of wool left, I decided to give wristwarmers a try. I love the pattern of the Crystal Lake Shawl and so- since I am really good in alternating given pattern 😀 – I addapted it to wrist warmers 😉

I cast on 51 sts and did a repetition of 6 sets, then I put 17 sts on a holder for the thumb. I did a double repetition of the pattern to finish the hand and bound off loosely. Then I took the 17 sts for the thumb and picked up 4 extra sts, which I knitted only in knit sts. For the rest I used the pattern again. Finally I bound off again and wove in the ends.

… knitting, knitting, knitting….

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I’m geting closer to the end, ahem, edge, of my mother- in- law’s  shawl and I am starting to get excited about the following projects. I am thinking of doing a nother shawl for a ravelry group (aao5si2010= An Attempt of 5 Shawls in 2010), which my best friend and I have just founded. And off course I am still knitting on my version of a Weasly Sweater for Jules and of my first pair of socks and wristwamers. So many projects- so little time (although I am not working right now, due to my left Hallux Valgus 😦 ).

Maybe I should create a poll and let my readers decide? 🙂