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A new cardigan- for ME ;)

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Yes, currently I am knitting a cardigan for me, but I am stuck with the first sleeve right now- due to timetable troubles 😦

Since I am constantly losing weight for the last few months (hooray!) I fear I will be shrunk out of it when I have finally finished it. But nevertheless here is the link where I found it- and besides- my sis’ got her own cardigan already finished *envy*.


Well- I looked for about 20 minutes, but seem not be able to find a working link 😦 as soon as I find it, I will post it, I promise!




A Sister’s Shawl

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So, Tulips on Open Leaves only need to be weaved in. BUT the shawl for my sister in law really gives me the creeps now! Somehow there is always an obstacle in the way. 

I got a great instruction manual for the basics of a triangular shawl and I thought oh well, now it’s going to be easy, but I guess this time I was too bold *hehe*.

Maybe I should knit a ready- to- use design from the net for the first time shawl knitting 😉 I mean I did not create the first sweater patterns I knitted for J.