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Time and knitting movesw on

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Well, it seems I gave up on knitting, but it only SEEMS so 😉 I know I was a bit lazy on keeping up with blogging- due to some stress and chaos at work, but today I have the time to give a short update:


After I finished J’s sweater I started a shawl (Snowflakes and blossoms) inspired by the Snowflakes and frostflowers’ shawl in “Shawls on the go” by Vogue Knitting. And after that I made a “Bumblebee” scarf for J, my first pair of socks for my mom and a lacy pair of socks for KittyKat  and a lovely vest from for KittyKat.


Right now I am knitting a “Bumblebee” hat for Jules and I am considering doing a lacy cardigan for myself for a change. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull this project through. Would be the first item for myself in about 3 years 😉

I promise I’ll try to keep you updated more often from now on 😀